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It has become a regular refrain in the news of the day – food prices on the rise, yet another genetically altered, chemically contaminated crop hits the market, health care costs creeping ever higher. And, are we even surprised anymore when we hear about yet another incident of bacteria contaminated produce – e. coli, listeria, etc. -- sickening and killing people across the nation? These are just a few of the reason that hydroponics is attracting so much interest. It is an affordable and efficient way to grow clean, reliable food for the table and herbs for seasoning and natural healing.

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Air and Ventilation Tips, Fans and Funk Filters

If you are running a large hydroponics greenhouse for a budding business, or simply keeping a little herb garden at home, hydroponics fans and funk filters are essential to the health of your plants. Without... Read more +

Grow Tents help you Grow!

A recent invention in the past decade, grow tents were once only massive custom jobs, expensive and space-consuming. With the recent advances of today’s technology, hydroponics grow tents are affordable, well-made, brilliant tools... Read more +

Grow Basil with Hydroponics

What beats fresh basil in tomato sauce? Growing fresh herbs indoors gives you the opportunity to create the most potent herbs around- and the spaghetti sauce has never been better.... Read more +

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